Join us for They Were Jumpin', a one-day blues dance workshop and live music event featuring international instructors Mike and Dan Legenthal and an evening social dance with live music from Jontavious Willis and friends!

This workshop is open to blues dancers of all levels, click the link below to register.


Jontavious Willis

Jontavious Willis is resolved in his mission: to reinvigorate today’s Blues with the spirit of the past. Inspired by a time when the Blues were plentiful and rhythm reigned supreme, Jontavious leverages his unique sound—a synthesis of his Georgia heritage and reverence for traditional Blues—to get the world dancing again. A Grammy-nominated musician and songwriter, Jontavious performs original, toe-tapping tunes in the style of Delta, Piedmont, Texas, and Gospel Blues. Dynamic vocals, technical prowess, and an abundance of Southern charm keep Jontavious sending jolts of vitality through the Blues community.

Jontavious was born and raised in rural Georgia, an environment with deep cultural roots that provides the inspiration he has continuously drawn upon to create his unique sound. He spent much of his childhood singing Gospel music at the Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church with his grandfather, which provided him his first setting to perform for an audience. An early phenom, his passion for the Blues was sparked at age 14 when he came across a YouTube video of Muddy Waters playing “Hoochie Coochie Man.” He achieved widespread acclaim when living legend Taj Mahal invited Jontavious to accompany him onstage in 2015, with Taj describing him as his “Wonderboy.” Jontavious was invited to open for Taj Mahal and Keb’ Mo’ during their joint TajMo tour in 2018, giving him an opportunity to present his work on a national stage.

Blue Metamorphosis, his acoustic debut album released in 2016, garnered rave reviews in Living Blues and Blues & Rhythm and won the Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge 2018 Award for Best Self-Produced CD. His Grammy-nominated sophomore album, Spectacular Class, sees Jontavious survey an array of Blues styles with lively ensemble performances. Jontavious features prominently in solo shows and festivals across the world, sharing his unique blend of time-honored yet modern, intellectual yet danceable Blues with all.

Instructor Bios

Mike Legenthal

Mike Legenthal became a full-time blues dancer in 2007. She has taught at events all over the world, from Boston to Milan, and Seoul to Sidney. A teacher's teacher, she often serves as head judge, teaches the instructor-training tracks, and pushes dancers to learn more about the roots of the dances and music we love so much. Yet while her resume may look intimidating, her classes are full of creativity, warmth, and laughter. Her classes are incredibly welcoming, and are a perfect place for those with a natural groove or with two left feet. In her dancing, she seeks to be distinctive and creative, and to alway drive towards the heart of blues aesthetic and culture. She immerses herself in the music and in playful, dynamic partnership. As an instructor, she offers both detailed technical descriptions and imaginative metaphors, to reach a wide range of minds. She is clever and respectful, and hopes to leave her students engaged in nuanced critical thought- and to get them out onto the dance floor.

Dan Legenthal

Dan Legenthal is a blues idiom, vernacular jazz, and swing dancer currently living in Atlanta, GA. He specializes in early-to-mid 1900’s era African-American improvised partner dances done to blues and jazz-blues music, and has a background in Classical guitar. Since 2012 Dan has taught, DJed, and performed around the world at events like The Blues Experiment (USA), Korea Blues Camp (South Korea), and Swingin’ the Blues (Australia).


Volga Dance Academy
3855 Presidential Pkwy
Atlanta GA, 30340

Parking Info
Plentiful on site parking. However, we advise that you do not leave any valuables in you car and that you place any backpacks or purses in the trunk.

Jontavious Willis plays music that spans a lot of the Blues continuum, which makes his music not only fun, but challenging and satisfying for dancing. He's one of a rare few artists who are just as comfortable playing authentic, old-school, acoustic country blues as playing modern electric blues informed by funk, R&B, and soul.

Over this 4-hour workshop, we'll work on different kinds of basics, connections, rhythms, and footwork that span these various styles of Blues. Specific Blues idiom dances covered will depend on what we see on the dance floor and your interests, but might include Sand (footwork), Piedmont, Funkybutt, Fishtail, and more.

Classes will be beginner-friendly, but will contain details and homework that will challenge even experienced dancers.

Workshop Description


  • 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM - Morning Workshop Classes

  • 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM - Lunch Break

  • 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM - Afternoon Workshop Classes


  • 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM - DROP-IN CLASS with Mike and Dan


Registration Info

4 Hour Workshop and Dance:

  • Online Registration Before May 13 - $85

  • Online Registration May 13 to May 24 - $95

  • Day of and Door - $105

4 Hour Workshop Only:

  • Online Registration Before May 13 - $70

  • Online Registration May 13 to May 24 - $80

  • Day of and Door - $90

Dance Pass (with Drop-in Lesson):

  • Online Registration Before May 13 - $15

  • Online Registration May 13 to May 24 - $20

  • Day of and Door - $25

Workshop + Dance tickets:

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